great. just great.

Okay so heres the thing. I am a freshman and in my school we have spirit week and battle of the classes. This week we had to decorate halls in our school with themes and our class color. Being stupid idiots. A couple of freshman decide to wreck the upperclass mens halls. Well. Now we r gonna get tons of shit that we really dont need. Seriously? Youre a freshman grow up and start acting mature thank you very much…..

I dont know what to do. I really like him. I cant risk our friendship. But its so hard to try to act normal around him. He has a girlfriend. I dont know. #lost.


Welll hai there.!!! So today I told my best friend… aka the guy i have a huge crush on my deepest darkest seceret. hes.just.perfect. I spent all day after school with him. But that time we had alone just made my day. sadly. I can’t call him mine. But I am not goin to flirt with a guy who has a girlfriend. That’s just rude. For now …sadly… we stay best friends. He’s the only person I trust.


soft grunge~

Typewriter Series #5

LAWL.!!!! When you feel like you can’t take it anymore. #feelsalone.